1、XX is a comprehensive listing of tea food
XX is a comprehensive listing of tea food. Has launched seven tea candied fruit products, XX tea each chain stores have sales, welcome the masses of friends to taste tea.

3、"XX world" won the provincial famous Tieguanyin tea Silver
The evaluation activities received participating tea sample 326, Kam assessment activities refer to the famous tea selection score standard, adopt classification code reviewers approach for evaluation. At the same time, in order to guarantee the quality safety level of tea products, for all samples except for sensory evaluation, but also for the detection of pesticide residues. This selection will further improve the tea processing technology and the quality safety level, the promotion of the famous tea production, promote the sustained and healthy development of tea industry.

4、XX tea XX store reshipment practice
In 2010 06 months 04 days, is located in XX City, XX road XX XX tea water re opened east branch. As the franchise's top 100 chain XX tea, to promote tea culture, devoted to the research and development of tea industry, so that consumers know more about the state of classical culture. In order to better propaganda and promotion of tea culture, tea with XX unified decoration style, essence of the classical charm combined into yet modern, re decoration template East water image store will be our unified decoration. The image store fully demonstrated the XX tea third generation style of decoration, absorb the essence of the first two generation, make up for the lack of previous, the full expression of the traditional grave and elegant, absorbing the traditional wooden structure building indoor caisson ceiling, screens, partitions and other decorative, pen color solemn and simple, elegant and simple space quiet atmosphere.