1 Green Tea tea leaves do pillow sleep

How do the soaked tea? Throw a pity, but of what use is it? Teacher Lin tea division Sanguo tea said, in fact, use it to install the pillow is also a goodidea. With tea as a pillow is because the tea in the water only when thewater easily dissolved component out of the bubble, the bubble tea in fact is more than under the bubble component, they have certain health care function, just effect will be weaker.

Master Lin suggested that most of the tea dregs are magical, but if you choose to do the pillow words, the best selection of Green Tea, becauseGreen Tea smell more delicate fragrance, suitable to do the pillow, and similar Pu'er Tea tea this class has been fermented tea, because has beenfermented, its aroma is very light, stiff and tea. Method of tea do pillow is very simple, first of all, to drink tea and dried in the shade, attention, is dried in the shade, if dried on the powder, and the fragrance will be lost. As a pillow to collect tea spread on absorbent paper or cloth, placed in dry in the shade. General pillow in the tea leaves to replace a best of 3 months, it is best to use cotton or mulberry silk fabrics to do pillow more comfortable.

Teacher Lin recommended several pillow combination to everybody, the ratio may be based on personal preference schedule:

2 the 8 health effects of tea

The beautiful artistic conception including tea tasting techniques and artisticappreciation and operation means a better environment for the taste of teathe tea of is tea, the process of form and spirit of unity, is a cultural phenomenon in process of the formation of the tea. It originated long ago,has a long history, profound culture, and religious affinity. Tea include:election tea, choose water, brew tea technology, tea art, the choice of environment to create a series of content. The tea art background is an important means to foil the theme, it render tea pure, elegant, plain temperament, enhance the artistic appeal.

Flip cup technique

Stemless cup, right hand backhand grip left base cup, left hand thumb light supporting in the right base cup; hands over cup into the hand holding the cup relatively. A handle of the cup, the right hand backhand grip cup, left hand back up with the thumb, index finger and middle finger light rotary cupright base; both hands wrist rotation, the cup down gently.

With the technique of temperature

Warm pot method, open cover is the left hand thumb, forefinger and middle finger on the button press pot, uncovered the kettle lid, put the kettle on thelid (tea) in. Note the soup is right to mention pot, counter clockwise low pour,make water flow along Hukou into tea; then the height from the water into the teapot; such as water injection for the teapot 1/2 again when low pour,make the kettle cut off timely, gently down. Stamped with his left hand to open the cover is reverse order on the line. Soup pot is both hands to taketea towel placed on the fingers of the left hand, right hand put the teapot on a tea towel, hands anticlockwise, so that each part of the teapot full contact with boiling water. Water is based on the teapot style poured water inlet yu.

Warm pitcher and filter method

Uncover the cup cover, remove the filter into the cup, boiling water injection.

Temperature cup method

Big cup, right hand raised pot counterclockwise rotation, make water flowinto the cup along the wall, about the capacity of the 1/3 after the water, so that both inside and outside the scalded with boiling water to tea cup. Small cup, cup when the cup is connected with the row over

A word or a circle, right hand raised pot cup boiling water injected to the full;the cup with boiling water scalding to both inside and outside.

Temperature tureen method

Pour water is counterclockwise to cover pot water injection, injection of the bowl 1/3 capacity pot of water, the kettle reset. The flip is right slag fetchingspoon is inserted into the slit, the left hand back of the hand facing outwards to protect in the tureen, the palm of your hand, rely on the bowl along with the right hand; the slag spoon from the inside out, poking bowl cover, the left hand thumb, index finger and middle finger the bowl cover on the bowl. A hot bowl is right thumb and middle finger resting on the part ofthe bowl body middle, index finger against the cover button Xiaao; leftholding the bowl bottom, end up tureen, right hand clockwise rotation, so that all parts in contact with hot water bowl. Water is the right lifting lidbutton cover the bowl with cover right oblique; end up moving to the water jar on tureen tureen, water from the left into the glenoid.

Brewing technique

Head masachika straight, be entirely absorbed, shoulders flush, the lifting arm elbow. If the kettle is heavy, with both hands to take tea towel placed on the left hand, right hand to the pot bottom of the pot so that the left hand to hold the right hand; flow along the inner wall of the teapot mouth rushed into the teapot (cup).

Take the utensil technique

Holding method, take on the chest or the front desk along the hands to the sides to shoulder width, hands palm relative holding base to the requiredplaces, gently down after the recovery; and then to hold second items, the movement finished reset. Take the tea pot for holding chopsticks spoon like,cylinder, vases and other objects. Terminal access method, his hands palms upward, palm, concave, smooth moving objects. For the end of tea tray, tea towel, take tours Disc Flat Chahe, TSP etc..

Mention pot technique

Side pot large pot is provided, the right hand index finger, middle fingerhook the kettle handle; the left index finger, middle finger holding down thebutton or the pot cover. Medium-sized pot is the right index finger, middle finger hook the kettle handle. A small pot is right thumb and middle fingerhook the kettle handle. Flying teapot, right thumb hold the cover button, the other four fingers to hook the kettle handle. Teapot, right hand middle fingerfour finger hold in middle finger against the handle, a kettle cover. A largepot, right hand holding the handle, the left index finger, middle finger cover button pot. Without the pot, the right hand holding the tea pot mouth on both sides of the outer wall.

Hold the cup technique

Big cup, sessile cup is the right hand holding the cup base, lady with the left hand fingertips hypanthium bottom. The lady with the left hand fingersupport the bottom of the cup. Mug is the right index finger, middle fingerhook the cup handle, lady with the left hand fingertips light supporting the bottom of the cup. Smell